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Master acoustic guitars 

Alexander Yevdokimov

Accessories for long hair from wood Hantoidokimo Handicraft making are guitars, master Dokimo Architectural project Hantoidokimo, Towers-twins
 Clip,comb,tack for hair from wood  Hand made maiking are guitars  architectural project Hantoidokimo


The peculiarity of this instrument by maestro Dokimo is the construction of the upper sounding board, which keeps resilience because of the effest of the converse wave: it is convex under the strings and concave behind the stand.

In the course of time "the wave" gradually becomes even, a longside with the growth of the volume of the guitar sound. Getting dry, the structure of the wood changes from a morphous to cristal state.

The sound becomes more complete and clear, being kept up by steady tension.

Acoustic classic guitars of master Dokimo


      Model:    Classic
      Body:   Solid Rosewood
      Sounding board:   Lebanese cedar
      Neck:   Spanish cedar
      Finger board:   Ebony wood
      Support:   Rosewood
      Mechanics head:   Shaler or author"s woork (steel, brass, bone)

      Strings:   Savares or author"s woork (wire Savares)

      Rosette:   Chertozian mosaic is the author"s work 

             Material is selected at the order price " Purchase, buy".



Hand made acoustic guitar master Dokimo Rosette from guitar, Chertozian mosaic Hantoidokimo Hand made acoustic guitar of master Dokimo
Mechanics head from acoustic guitar of master Dokimo Acoustic guitar of master Dokimo Hand made acoustic guitar  master Akexander Yevdokimov - palisander
Acoustic bass hand made jazz guitar master Dokimo bass guitar master Dokimo
master guitar maestro Dokimo Rosette from guitar, Chertozian mosaic Hantoidokimo


Collection Hanto i Dokimo

Magic box from wood Hantoidokimo with mosaic


Presenting exclusive collection  Hanto i Dokimo, made from fine wood with a unique inlaid in mosaic technique.     


Chertozian mosaic hand made Hantoidokimo from woodThe mosaic ornament is made of multitude of wooden squares size of half a millimetre, which are skillfully put together by the masters hands. One square centimeter of the ornament may contain about 400 pieces of wood a lime, birch, fir-tree, cedar.

Hair clip with chertozian mosaic from wood hand made Hantoidokimo

Design and mosaics of each individual product, protected by patents, diplomas of international exhibitions, stamp Hantoidokimo.

This mosaic is amaising and exclusive artwork, no analogy in the  world !

The alternation of flat glittering and matt surfaces is charming.

                                                  This fine and painstaking artistic work includes an intellectual technological method which    allows to make the authors work over and over again with amazing accuracy. Earlier it was possible only to create ornaments out  of segments. However, now the masters have found the way to freely assemble any images.

 The mosaic  incrustation gives a touch of refinement to the giren items made of precious wooden types - 

 ebony wood, brazilian, madagascar rosewood,  tomintoza, wenge, paduc, yarra, lacewood,  bubingo, makasar, grenadil, kevazingo , mahogany, karelian birch, mulberry, merbau, oak and others.  To create mosaics using soft rock Russian drevisiny: cedar, linden, birch, fir.




Art master Chertozian mosaic Tatyana Yachontova Decoration from wood - ear-rings Hantoidokimo Decoration for woomens - ear-rings and pendants from exotic wood with mosaic Hantoidokimo

hair clip hair pin beautiful hair collection from wood  Hantoidokimo

    Laconic style and a touch of antiquity are presented in the small items for interior - boxes, Easter eggs, clocks, mirrors.

Womens accessories in the oriental and european styles with the mosaic elements will emphasize the natural charm of a woman. They ideally match natural fabrics - linen, cotton, silk, leather and jeans clothes.

Elegant and durable hairpins, hairclips and combs help to arrange hair  easily in  a classic or modern way.

These simple items will delight you by the clarity of lines, warmth of wood and the mystery of human creativity.